Fiat 128 Berlina With only 17800 km and provable history! (verkauft)
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Fiat 128 Berlina

This car is sold

Year of manufacture 1973 - ein echter Oldtimer

With only 17800 km and provable history!



17.861 kms (abgelesen)


1.1L 4 cylinders spark-ignition

Cubic capacity

1.116 cm³


40kW (55 Hp)

Fuel Type


Number of doors


Number of seats



Manual gearbox

Year of manufacture


First registration



renewed prior to transaction

Colour (manufacturer)

bianco 233

Exterior Color



leather, black


This great piece of Italian automobile history comes to us from first-time ownership and its mileage reads a phenomenal mere 17,861 km. The first and only owner, Mr Pettinicchi Giuseppe, born in 1932, had bought the Fiat in 1973 at an official Fiat dealer and registered it on December 12th, 1973 in the town of Campobasso (north of Naples). Mr Pettinicchi was an employed engineer of the municipal administration of Campobasso; he rarely made use of the Fiat and is the only registered holder to this day. After his death at the beginning of the 80’s, his wife Maria parked the vehicle in the home garage and no one in the family ever drove the car again. In 2016, the widow transferred the Fiat to Mr Nicolino Oriente, an acquaintance from the same town, who in turn sold the vehicle to a Fiat specialist named M. Alonzi. He removed rust spots from the rear and presented the Fiat to the “Automobile Club Storico Italiano” for evaluation. Thereby the Fiat received the official ASI certificate (reserved for vintage vehicles) and the golden badge for outstanding condition plus confirmation of authenticity. As noted on the certificate, only one component in the rear section has been newly painted; all other components remain in their original state. The interior appears untouched to this day and is nearly perfectly preserved. The mechanics conform to the model year and the factory conditions of that time.


This lovely limousine is a one-of-a-kind car in every regard! It drives absolutely effortlessly, quietly and with high comfort. After the long standing time, extensive maintenance was performed in 2017. Among the exchanged components were gear belts, some mounts, brakes, the exhaust systems, tyres, and the clutch. The vehicle tools in the trunk are probably still in an untouched condition and will of course be delivered with a second set of keys. Aside from the original registration document from 1973, we can supply the manual and even the service book featuring a couple entries. The service books from this vehicle’s era were supplied by the Fiat factory with a data card for use in identification, and this one’s is still available.

Model description

The Fiat 128 was the first private vehicle featuring front-wheel drive under the Fiat brand and was considered upper middle class. From a technical perspective, everything about the Fiat 128 was novel: the engine, the front and rear axle suspension, the new steering and the crumple zones. The arrangement of the seats and the tank were the resultof highly elaborate security research performed at Fiat since the 60s. The handling in turns and the overall stability remain remarkably good
to this day. Providing its part in this regard is the wheelbase, 10 centimetres longer compared to the Fiat 1100. One last interesting piece of trivia is the fact that the Fiat 128 limousine model was a favorite among the Italian mafia and was high in demand among its members. The vehicle simply offered a lot of space and extraordinarily comfortable seats.


The vehicle can be visited at any time after prior appointment with us, so that we can ensure that the car is in the appropriate location.

With us you have the possibility to get your old- or youngtimer in combination with a special and completely market-new warranty. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!

In highest regards, your C.O.G. Classics team


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