Fiat 500L (Luxus) Restored rarity! (verkauft)
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Fiat 500L (Luxus)

This car is sold

Year of manufacture 1968 - ein echter Oldtimer

Restored rarity!



80.884 kms (abgelesen)


2-Zylinder 4-Takt, luftgekühlt

Cubic capacity

4.995 cm³


13kW (18 Hp)

Fuel Type


Number of doors


Number of seats



Manual gearbox

Year of manufacture


Colour (manufacturer)


Exterior Color



leather, brown


The Fiat 500 is probably the sweetest temptation since there are automobiles and not for nothing the most likeable vehicle in Italy. Our 500 coupe in the coveted "L version" originates from Rome and was registered in 1968. The L (luxury) version was significantly modernized compared to its predecessors. The additional designation was justified not only by the changed speedometer, which finally contained an integrated fuel gauge, but also by henceforth available carpeting in the vehicle. The new dashboard was produced with a plastic shell and was also equipped with additional storage compartments. This model became especially popular due to the available additional chrome on bumpers and the chrome strips on the rain gutters and in the windshield rubbers. Historically, the Fiat 500 was one of Fiat's greatest challenges anyway, to develop the smallest, the most economical but also affordable car, in which there was even room for the whole family.

After almost 50 years on Italy's roads, our Fiat 500 L was completely disassembled, stripped, repainted and completed again. The seats are covered with new leather and the engine has been overhauled.


This Fiat 500 L is a restored and thoroughly charming heartbreaker, which then as now enjoys incredible sympathy and is undeniably a ladies' favorite. Even in traffic, one encounters delighted faces and they also usually grant you the right of way. Not only for this reason, old sheet metal can turn out to be real garage gold. With this model, you even choose the right one.

The vehicle can be visited at any time after prior appointment with us, so that we can ensure that the car is in the appropriate location.

With us you have the possibility to get your old- or youngtimer in combination with a special and completely market-new warranty. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!

In highest regards, your C.O.G. Classics team


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