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Ford Taunus 1300 XL

Year of manufacture 1972 - ein echter Oldtimer

...only 27.258 km!



27.258 kms


1.3L 4 cylinders spark ignition

Cubic capacity

1.285 cm³


40kW (55 Hp)

Fuel Type


Number of doors


Number of seats



Manual gearbox

Year of manufacture


German TÜV until


Colour (manufacturer)

ermine white

Exterior Color



cloth, black


16.900 Euro

Ford Taunus 1300 XL Coupé - an extraordinary specimen...

Interior variant: XL (extra luxury edition)
Produktion period: 1970-1973
Bodywork: Coupé
Initial registration: 1972
Engine: 1.3L 4 cylinder
Power: 43 kW / 55 HP
Capacity: 1.285 cm³
Getriebe: 4 gear manual gearbox
Mileage: 27.258 km


This Ford Taunus 1300 XL Coupé probably constitutes the only remaining exemplar in mint condition. The state of the vehicle really is phenomenal; there are no immediately apparent traces of usage on the car whatsoever. The coupé was produced in the beginning of 1972 in Cologne and sold only at the end of the summer to its first owner, Mrs Giuseppina Casoli, hailing from the Pesaro region in central Italy. Mrs Casoli was born on the 19th of March, 1930 into a family of farmers, and worked on the family farm from the beginning. The Pesaro region is also called the “riviera of the hills” and is known for its truffle plantations as well as its “Casciotta d’Urbino” cheese, which is manufactured by hand to this day. At the age of 52, Mrs Casoli, who had only owned a Fiat until then, decided to choose a reliable German brand and visited the only official Ford subsidiary in Pesaro to select this Taunus for herself. The coupé remained in her possession for twenty whole years, until, in 1995, Mrs Casoli died at the age of 75, and her husband sold the vehicle to Mr Arnaldo Vicenzi, a close acquaintance from the same region. Mr Arnaldo Vicenzi and Mrs Casoli share a birthday, although he was born five years later, on the 19th of March, 1935. He owned the Ford for 22 years and drove it only on special occasions with his wife. In October 2007 he sold the car to a young man, who officially checked the Ford Taunus out of Italy and brought it to Germany.


The Ford Taunus stands ready for viewing in mint condition, and we look forward to your visit. Thanks to the year-long usage of protective covers, the interior remains in an absolutely flawless state. The typical wood applications, the chrome components, the roof lining and the carpeting look remarkable, and thanks to a cavity sealing performed years ago, there is no fault to be found with the bodywork, either. In regards to the history of the model, it should be mentioned that the vehicle is completely manageable from a technical aspct, and aside from a couple of exceptions, spare parts and wear and tear components are easy to obtain. The engines are basically in a robust condition and remain, aside from regular oil and spark plug changes, practically maintenance-free.


This Ford Taunus coupé is really an incomparable specimen: it runs smoothly, strikes a distinctive presence and can be kept in this great condition without much difficulty. The Taunus is truly a vehicle for collectors of exclusively authentic original exemplars, though we secretly hope for the coupé to find a buyer who will use the car actively as well.


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