Lancia Ardea 250 Berlina With “Matching Numbers“! (verkauft)
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Lancia Ardea 250 Berlina

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Year of manufacture 1952 - ein echter Oldtimer

With “Matching Numbers“!



0.9L V4-Zylinder

Cubic capacity

903 cm³


22kW (30 Hp)

Fuel Type


Number of doors


Number of seats



Manual gearbox

Year of manufacture


First registration



renewed prior to transaction

Exterior Color



leather, other

Lancia Ardea 250 Berlina - “Matching Numbers“

Type: 250 Serie IV
Year of construction: 1952
Initial registration: 02.1952
Production period: 1949 - 1953
Engine: 0.9L V4 4 cylinder
Cubic capacity: 903 cm³
Power: 22 KW / 30 HP
Kerb weight: 800 kg


This incredibly fascinating vehicle left the productzion line on January 31st, 1952, was registered to Mr Davite Ettore in the town of Novarra (Italy, Piemont region) on the 21st of February, 1952 and remains in a ready-for-operation condition. Mr Davide Ettore was born on the 11th of May, 1889 and was an incredible 70 years old when he obtained this lovely vehicle.

In March of 1975, the Lancia was sold to Mr Pelliccioni, born in 1910. He registered the car to himself in 1986 and he and his son decided to completely redo the vehicle. They contacted Lancia with a request for support in order to accomplish a restoration true to the original, and on February 12th, 1987 they were sent a written delivery confirmation, which remains available to this day. With the help of this document, many elements could be confirmed: engine and gear box number, frame and differntial number, the serial number of the steering gear, the outer shell as well as the interior outfitting. Every number in the document can be found on the vehicle. In the year 1992 the restoration was confirmed, and Mr Pelliccioni began to use the vehicle regularly. After his death, the vehicle’s registration was carrried over to the son, who drove the Lancia up to his death in 2017. Some records. such as technical inspection authority reports, emissions inspections, tax notices and insurance claims, confirm the history all the way to the year 2017.

Model history

Between 1924 and 1926, Italy had switched from left-hand to right-hand traffic, and Lancia produced the Ardea exclusively as a right-hand model. There were four series in all for the Ardea. From the second series onwards the vehicle featured a 12 volt on-board power supply. From the third series onwards the model came with a five-gear gearbox, and the fourth series added an engine block made of aluminum. Thanks to these technical innovations, our specimen can easily keep up with modern traffic and presents a sheer joy to drive.


The vehicle can be visited at any time after prior appointment with us, so that we can ensure that the car is in the appropriate location.

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