Triumph GT6 Coupé A classic always ready for deployment! (verkauft)
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Triumph GT6 Coupé

This car is sold

Year of manufacture 1970 - ein echter Oldtimer

A classic always ready for deployment!



62.509 mls (abgelesen)


2.0L 6-Zylinder in Reihe (Typ-R6)

Cubic capacity

1.998 cm³


77kW (105 Hp)

Fuel Type


Number of doors


Number of seats



Manual gearbox

Year of manufacture


First registration


Exterior Color



leather, black

Triumph GT6 MkII - 1970

tyoe: GT6 Mk2
production period: 1968–1970
year of construction: 1970
engine: 2.0L 6 cylinder in-line (type R6)
power: 77kW / 105HP
cubic capacity: 1,998cm³
gear box: 4 gear fully synchronized transmission


This gorgeous Triumph 6T6 Mk2 coupé is a late model of the second series and was registered on August 17th, 1970 to a business in Sweden. Up to the end of 1976 it was part of the company’s motor pool and was sold to a private person at the beginning of 1977. This person picked up the vehicle after purchasing it and parked it next to other vehicles in a hall for no less than 41 years. In 2018 all damage caused by the long idle period was repaired. Every necessary measure was taken on the car body, including a brand new varnish, in order to return this great sports car back to the street. Both sillboards and wheelhouses in the rear were replaced. The chrome parts are authentic originals and in very good condition. Every rubber part at the doors, windows etc. were replaced, as were the tyres. The seats and the dashboard as well are kept in terrific original condition. The vehicle has been fitted with a new exhaust system and sounds fantastic. All hoses and clamps surrounding the engine were replaced. A complete maintenance was performed in 2018, including all electric parts. The brake parts are new as well: the master brake cylinder, hoses, wheel cylinder, brake shoes and brake linings.


A grand classic, always ready for deployment, preserved for posterity. Aside from impressive driving characteristics, the GT6 shines with an unrivaled tight turn radius (less than eight metres) An ordinary country road is enough to make a U-turn, without setting back the car. All in all, the Triumph GT6 has everything to make a vintage car conoisseur happy, Spare parts are still available as well as affordable. It looks great, the driving feels delightfully sporty and sounds incredibly good.

The vehicle can be visited at any time after prior appointment with us, so that we can ensure that the car is in the appropriate location.

With us you have the possibility to get your old- or youngtimer in combination with a special and completely market-new warranty. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!

In highest regards, your C.O.G. Classics team


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