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Ghia 1500 GT

Year of manufacture 1964 - ein echter Oldtimer

Restored and quite rare!



58.359 kms


1.5L 4 cylinders

Cubic capacity

1.471 cm³


49kW (67 Hp)

Fuel Type


Number of doors


Number of seats



Manual gearbox

Year of manufacture


First registration


Colour (manufacturer)

light blue metallic

Exterior Color



leather, black


69.850 Euro

Ghia 1500 GT

construction period: 1962-1967
gearbox: 4 gear manual transmission
initial registration: July 1964
engine: 1.5L 4 cylinders
cubic capacity: 1.471 cm³
power: 49 kW / 67 HP


This absolutely rare Ghia 1500 stands in very good condition. In 2016, the coupé was disassembled down to its bodyshell and built anew from the underfloor up. A majority of the original parts were remolded and reused, and the engine plus the gearbox remain original. The Ghia was delivered in 1964 to its first and only owner in California (USA) and returned to European soil only about 50 years later. The Ghia 1500 GT is a very rare classic that can be purchased without concerns. Upon its market release in the beginning of the 60s, the coupé received much critical acclaim for its above-average, handmade bodywork, whose good workmanship as well as the practical upsides to its construction far outshone the works of other manufacturers. Large windowpanes, a low belt-line, easy access and an optimal sitting position on the well-formed seats made this little sports car into a thoroughly enjoyable road companion.

The Ghia 1500 GT was available in six standard colours: Azzurro metallizzato (blue) beige metallizzato, grigio argento metallizzato (silver grey) bianco latte (white) rosso corsa (red) and verde scuro (green)

Model and manufacturer history

According to the manufacturer, starting in 1963, a measly 846 exemplars were built of the Ghia 1500 GT. Base for it was the Fiat 1500, which was later renamed into Ghia 1500 GT and lovingly called “baby Ferrari”. It was a true sports car with hatchback body, the tech taken from the FIat 1500 and a four cylinder engine tuned at Abarth. It was a single-handed passion project of the Turin body work specialists Ghia. With a shortened body and a power increase to 49 kW (67 HP) the coupé reached a respectable max speed of 180 km per hour. Its perfectly executed weight distribution of exactly 50:50 contributed to a great handling, in spite of the fact that the Ghia was devised not as a racing model, but exclusively as a sports coupé. Other remarkable features include the comfortable sitting position of the well-formed seats and the convenient all-round view through the large windowpanes. Since the late 1950s, Ghia regularly developed sporty or luxurious vehicles featuring Fiat technology, which were produced in several small batch series, partly marketed also under Ghia’s own name (such as our specimen here) In German-speaking regions, Ghia was especially well-known for the VW “Karmann Ghia”.


To have such a rare sports coupé from the 60s in our stock is something quite special for us dealers as well, especially considering that this Ghia stands in mint condition. Market observers assume that no more than 80 vehicles remain worldwide, and even so, only a fraction are drivable and restored like ours. The Ghia comes with German car documents.


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